Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What to Look for in a Top Salesforce Consultant Firm

Today businesses are looking to Consultants more than ever, to help fill their Salesforce development requirements. This is understandable when you consider one of the main selling points of using a Software-as-a-Service model, is that it does not need extensive IT resource to run efficiently. However, this does not mean that companies will not require knowledge experts along the way, in order to get the most value for their Salesforce investment.

When deciding on a Salesforce Consultant for your organization there are three key areas in deciding if the firm you're speaking with will be able to meet the needs of your organization. When it comes to choosing the right salesforce service cloud consultant or certified salesforce consulting partners for your project, you will want to discover effective communicators, knowledge experts, innovative solution providers and top salesforce consulting firms.

Communication is a two way process! One of the most important jobs of a Salesforce consultant is to be able to listen to and understand what your business main goals are. While you may know what your ultimate objective is, as far as functionality, you are depending on your salesforce consulting partners to ask the right questions to ensure these ideas can be translated into plans.

Before any work starts you should be confident that your thoughts were completely understood and you should be provided with a documentation of exactly what your salesforce consulting partner understands the scope of your project to be. Another key aspect of developing a relationship with a salesforce partner is to choose someone that can adapt to change. Business moves rapidly and so does your business requirement. Your consulting partner should be alert enough to be able to make adjustments to minor changes in requirements. Choosing a top salesforce consulting firms will provide flexibility and a happier outcome. Agile companies work on time and materials vs the old requirements heavy waterfall fixed prices. Going with a unique methodology will ensure project success but be sure to understand how the company keeps your project on a budget when working in an agile manner.

Knowledge Experts: When choosing a salesforce consulting partner you will want to be dealing with Knowledge experts. While you may not need a full time developer leader, your consulting partner certainly should be providing you with top talent! Salesforce has made it easier for you to find companies with the proper amount of knowledge for your business. Salesforce has broken their certifications of knowledge experts into three tracks, administrator, developer and salesforce implementation partners.

Salesforce Certified Administrators are experts in user management and security, automation of workprocess and approvals, as well as the core features of both sales and salesforce service cloud. Your salesforce certified partner is your font-line go-to person for managing and maintaining your Salesforce org.
Plumlogix.com Certified Partners are experts on the AppExchange and have many years of experience with the various apps featured within it. In an advisory role, we can recommend and implement the best solution for your org or business whether that be a combination of an existing app(s) or custom development. We are analysts first and developers second.

Plumlogix.com’s salesforce implementation partner will be able to provide skilled guidance in designing an effective data model, evaluating and configuring your security settings, developing advanced business logic and build custom solutions within your salesforce environment.
Implementation Expert -There are two different certifications that top salesforce consulting firm offers to express expertise in providing initial implementations. salesforce certified partner or consultants have established their ability to meet the demanding disputes of implementing customer-facing outputs.

salesforce service cloud consultants are able to plan sales and marketing results. salesforce service cloud consultant are also able to design solutions for businesses that are focused on building long-term customer’s success. salesforce service cloud consulting partner will design customer solutions that can integrate key services cloud features such as cases, customer and partner portals, and knowledge bases.
Trustworthy Reputation - Are they having customer satisfaction issues? It is most important thing to check whether the reputation of the company is trustworthy or not. To check whether they have any customer satisfaction issues, it is better to ask for references right away. This will make sure that you have taken the right decision by choosing your top salesforce consulting firms or salesforce consulting partners.


As we know that consulting is a business which involves interface and long-term or close coordination, so find the best solution for your business by selecting the best salesforce consultant.
That’s why you need salesforce service cloud consultant. At Plumlogix, we have the expertise knowledge to evaluate and implement financial services cloud and grow your business to the next level. We are a team of salesforce enthusiasts that love the cloud and always provide customer satisfaction with our unique methodologies. Get in touch with us to know more information.

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